Corporate Finance

We typically group corporate finance needs into life cycle stages:

Start-up/newly acquired companies

often need help establishing financial structures, processes, and disciplines. 

We have helped companies in this category:

  • Establish approval limits and structures
  • Build an annual budget
  • Create a monthly forecast template and process
  • Create a monthly reporting package for the leadership team
  • Create a quarterly reporting package for the board of directors
  • Forecast their weekly cash flow
  • Manage through short-term cash flow crises
  • Design an executive compensation plan

Established companies at an inflection point

have exited the start-up phase and have grown to the point where their processes need to be revamped, and a more disciplined approach to forecasting is needed.   We have helped companies in this category:

  • Build Excel-based sales forecasting platforms. (Planned by customer, by product line, by week; allocated to SKU level; macro-driven import of actuals; macro-driven consolidation and summary reporting)
  • Build Excel-based FP&A models
  • Evaluate ROI for trade and A&M investments
  • Model pricing scenarios

Mature companies looking to improve on their existing reports

We have helped companies in this category:

  • Build Excel-based FP&A models
  • By teaching customized Excel training courses
  • By teaching “How to tell the finance story”, a module that helps finance professionals learn better strategies for presenting results than just putting a spreadsheet on a page.